SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

2019 – PreSeason Suggestions

2019 PreSeason Suggestions & Submissions

Below listed are suggestions and submissions from teams PRIOR to the 2018 Wrap Up Meeting on September 9. An email went out to all team reps, presidents and coaches that were on the 2018 SHRSL Distribution list, and as posted on the SHRSL website. If your team would like to submit something, please share your idea prior to September 7, 2018 at 5:00pm with [email protected] (managed by both SHRSL Board Membeers, Melanie Remy & Christine Molina). For complete transparency purposes, all ideas will be shared on this page and placed on the agenda for the 9/9/18 meeting;

MOC & All Stars:

SL – Require food trucks at MOC venues for entire day.

FC – Request for concessions or food trucks (other than snow cones) to be planned for MOC and All-Stars

FG – Wanted to let the league know that we had many many folks ask for the t -shirts at Meet of Champions (div 4 and 5).

FC – Consider a team award for All-Stars – same as above with one combined award and not split up by gender or age

FC – Consider 4 duel meets and then a “Division Champs” meet at local pool with all division teams instead of the 5th meet (Saturday after 4th duel meet).

  • Top 24 or 32 from Division Champs go to MOC and MOC becomes smaller and more manageable and less problems with entry timing and attendance.
  • Give heat winners awards at Division Champs and MOC
  • Similar to the old prelims/finals and would need work and also depends on number of teams per division for 2019.

FC – Consider entries for any post season meets are the same as for regular season duel meets (2 individual events for 10&under, 3 for 11&Up)

  • Gets more kids earning MOC awards
  • Standardizes entry rules for regular season and post season
  • Adds additional coaching strategy



Regular Season:

NT – Decide on 2019 Season Schedule at September 9 meeting

LO – With the current school schedules we vote for a 4 meet schedule.

SW – Give the option for teams with 8-lane pools to hand out 7th and 8th place ribbons for heats after Heat 1 (league to supply those ribbons).

  • This will have to be agreed by the Divisions since it will require a few additional timers and scribes.
  • This will save about 20-30 minutes for each meet.

FC – Consider going back to regular season team awards (adds more meat to the 100 point deduction penalties for violations for duel meets)

  • First Place team REGULAR SEASON award for division meet records (any cross division meet results do not count in divisional W-L record).  This is one award, not split up by boys/girls or 10&Under vs. 11&Up.  Would have to have a tiebreaker rule in case of a 3 way tie.
  • Adds a “team” flavor to the regular season and makes meet results a bit more important (at present the duel meet results only are used for subjectively placing teams in divisions the following year)
  • First Place team award at MOC.  This is also one award and not split up by boys/girls or 10&Under vs. 11&Up.  This makes MOC a “team” meet for the full team and it shouldn’t matter if events are split up by morning/afternoon.  This would be a DIVISION CHAMPS award.
  • Summary – this still results in two total team awards, but changing to a REGULAR SEASON award and a DIVISION CHAMPS award instead of two MOC awards split up by age.

FC – Consider not dropping participation ribbons for 10 & Unders for regular season duel meets.

LO – Swimming against teams in our own division twice instead of the ritual slaughter that is swimming outside the division. Consider other issues: like what do you do with that score?


Swimmer Participation:

SW: Considerations for non-SHRSL swim participation after March 31:

  1. Olympic Sanction Sport Athletes:
    1. An Olympic Sanction Sport (OSS) Athlete is defined as a student who has an official contract on file with their school district to practice swimming 15+ hours/week with an approved club team in lieu of their PE credit for the school year. These athletes are contractually obligated to participate in club practices and meets through the duration of the school year. In turn, the club coach assigns the athlete’s academic grade based upon participation, effort, and any other criteria the club coach may use.
    2. An OSS student may swim legally for SHRSL if the following conditions are met:
      1. The OSS student must be registered with SHRSL team on or before May 15th
      2. The OSS student must provide the following documentation to their registered SHRSL team: a signed copy of the final grading period report (before turning it into school counselor), signed by their club coach and the OSS athlete, to prove the OSS student qualifies for this SHRSL exemption
    3. OSS students may participate in club practices AND club meets through the last day of school, but strictly may NOT participate in practices nor meets after the last day of school/spring semester.
  2. Non-Olympic Sanction Sport Athletes:
    1. No participation in competition or sanctioned meets including UIL, USA Swimming, CCAA or any other swimming competition is allowed.
    2. Allowed are seven (7) days of clinic/camp instruction.