SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

2022 League Mtg #1 – Minutes


2022 | February 6

League Meeting


Steve Long welcomed all.

Kristen (ME) reminder all of parking issues:

  • Park on the gravel lot, west of the community center
  • Don’t park on Dorrance or Amblewood



  • Meet Schedule difficult because of July 4th
  • Team Consensus is finish earlier
  • Will discuss Meet 1 (Virtual) later in meeting


Steve: Introductions of SHRSL Board of Directors

  • Steve Long: President, Stroke Clinic Director, Meet Director All Stars
  • Jim Linehan: Member-at-Large, Schedules & Stats
  • Dan Wagner: Member-at-Large, Helps with Stroke Clinics/Stroke Judges
  • Christine Molina: Awards, Registration/Swimtopia
  • Melanie Remy: Secretary – Communications, Website, Stats & Reporting, MOC
  • Jeff Dethrow: Treasurer, Insurance, Background Checks, Invoicing
  • Not Present: Tammy Schoen: Member-at-Large, Handles Divisional Disputes outside of bylaws


Steve: Intro of Team Reps & Prez

2022 Teams:

  • Not Present at Meeting: FG, GL
  • Not Participating 2022: PG, NW


Jeff Dethrow: Registration Fees, Background Checks & Insurance

Registration Fees

  • Swimmer Fee: $15, no change
  • Invoice (#1) 75% of 2021’s numbers on March 15, 2022

o   Payment Due: April 15, 2022

o   SHRSL has big insurance bill due April 20, please remit on time

  • Invoice #2 – Invoiced for total number of 2022 swimmers, due on receipt
  • If you email Jeff about money:

o   [email protected]

o   Please put your TEAM NAME in the subject line


Background Checks:

  • Needed: ONLY every 3 years
  • Will email the current list, please help with the ONLY every 3 years, $10/scan
  • Jeff will get a new definition to replace “direct contact with swimmers”
  • Discussion:

o   Timers, no because they are out in the open

o   Awards, depends on how you are set up

o   Board – if never at pool/meets/etc, no.

  • President – YES
  • Volunteer Coordinators – YES

o   Stroke Judges – nah

o   Team Parents/Tent Parents – YES

o   Coaches – YES, all coaches 18 & Over


  • Regular Season dates, so we’ll go back to coverage in April
  • Will get 2022 Insurance certificate in April – around 23-24th
  • Can’t start before that…first day of practice: April 25th, per bylaws



Christine: Awards & Registration (Swimtopia)



o   Even if you’ve already shared

o   Especially if you think you texted it at some point

o   Ribbons are bound in 25s (the white paper ribbon), if that helps

  • Regular Season awards:

o   You need them.

o   No paper backing or ribbon – would have added another $7-8K

o   Covid has caused awards to sore, backing & string is manually stuck & tied

  • MOC & All Star specific awards – ORDERED



  • Covid Releases

o   On website

o   No change to last year’s

o   Should be in Swimtopia

o   Okay for it to be in with your SHRSL Indemnity (in one doc, one check box)

  • Swimtopia

o   There’s a box you have to check to FORCE folks to digitally sign

o   Contact [email protected] if you have questions


  • SHRSL Indemnity Form (no change)
  • Covid Form



Meet Schedule – difficult because of July 4th, teams want to finish early

  • MEET 1 (Virtual): 5/23
  • MEET 2: May 31/June 1
  • MEET 3: June 6
  • MEET 4: June 13
  • MEET 5: June 20
  • MOC: June 27 (Nats)
  • ALL STARS: June 30 or July 1 (pending Nat Rental)


Steve/Mel acknowledged HISD late finish issues

  • We can drop a meet, push to second meet
  • HISD teams can NOT HOST, or HOST, whatever works – we’ll work with you
  • Talked with Lisa (MW) – to email Mel intent of bye meet
  • Will follow up with GL & WH (other HISD) teams


Stroke Clinics:

Long Clinic for New Stroke Judges

Short Clinic for those that attended a clinic in 2021.

  • Saturday Morns – work great
  • Weeknights
  • Need willingness to host. Preferred inside room and pool access


Suits: Preferred League Vendor: D&J Sports – the awesome folks at All Stars (and some MOCs)



  • Swimtopia: We will ONLY be using Swimtopia this year, as communicated in 2019

o   League will be covering the extra for increase in Swimtopia dues

o   Get your websites ready

o   Covid releases, All rosters/swimmers in Swimtopia. NO PAPER.

  • Round Table? Best Practices? Smooth meets

o   Interest?

o   Mel will pick and date and share.

  • Distribution: Please check for adds/removals

o   Need to thin it out

o   Thanks for those that responded to first 3 emails 


Suggestions: Please send suggestions that will make your life easier. No questions/suggestions are silly. Email: [email protected]


  • Steve Long: Stroke Rules – add a surfacing requirement

o   Everyone has it, but us

o   Issue: Ropes don’t have colored buoy in both directions

  • Tape it
  • Tie a bandana on it
  • Steve Long: Stroke Rules – No recall

o   Discussion:

  • For 6 U? (Please share thoughts via email: [email protected])
  • For ALL?
  • What is a recall? A false start, when swimmers are recalled back to side for a false start in the field.
  • Current Rule: No recall for 13 & Up. We all miss it at least once.
  • Matt (NT): Define “anyone with swimmer contact”
  • Ted (SK): Awards, coaches giving out awards:

o   Discussion:

o   No place picking per bylaws

  • Mel (SHRSL): Need a standard for awards, to properly set expectations
  • Award Discussion – Definitions of Potential Options:

o   Place Picking (method from last millennium, zero technology) – volunteer for each lane eyeballs place and hands out ribbon on the spot.

  • Problem – against league rules and awards should be determined by ordered times.
  • MEET 1: This could be done for Meet 1 with only one team.

o   Ribbons Without Labels – Swimmers from both teams go to designated awards area post swim, to receive ribbons by heat. Wait for timecards get circled and placing order sorted (2019 method and prior years).

  • Problem – kids don’t have names or times on ribbons
  • NOTE: Most teams don’t put times/names on ribbons
  • NOTE: Easy fix
  • Solution:
  • Parents can get times from Swimtopia or a meet report that teams can email out after meet.
  • Parents can get times from Swimtopia results AT MEET, if printed
  • Teams can print labels later, and put in “box” for swimmer pick up

o   Speeding Tickets solves all problems – can be available the next day or two

o   Fun Friday “paper awards” / Speeding Tix

o   Lots of great ways to reward swimmers

o   Ribbons With Labels – Time cards get circled and placing order sorted, times entered into Swimtopia.  Labels with names and times get printed and stuck onto ribbons, then ribbons either go out to Ribbons area or given to teams to hand out later.

  • Problem – time consuming and extra volunteers needed.
  • Swimmers s
  • If awards are given out later, the host team would still have to sort that out and print labels before the visiting team can leave. A broken or failed printer will cause delays too.
  • Additionally, printing the labels will have the added complexity to have the time entry person enter a heat number too so that Meet Maestro can print and award by heat.
  • Solutions:
  • Meet Maestro will have to be one computer for all time entry or Internet access guaranteed so results/placings for both teams can be sorted in real time. A merge CAN HAPPEN. But not until end of meet UNLESS:

o   Run a boys computer

o   Run a girls computer

o   Merge as you go for results

o   This will eliminate “heats” tho

o   PLEASE SHARE IDEAS TO: [email protected]