SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

League Mtg Date Change. New Date: May 5th

Important Notice!!  Next meeting date moves from April 21st to May 5th

We would normally distribute the ribbons at the next league meeting and since it is possible the order will not be delivered by April 21 then we are changing the date to May 5.  I will send you a reminder about a week before.  Please put the new date on your calendar.

You should have received the link for each team’s  HY-TEK License Web Delivery for TEAM MANAGER for Swimming 7.0  Share this info with anyone on your team that needs to load Team manager 7.0   Follow the instructions contained in the email.  We have purchased an update license for each team.  This can be loaded on as many computers as your team needs BUT it is only for single user, not multi-user format, meaning any changes made on one computer will not be automatic to each computer.  Keep this is mind if several people on your team have access to your data file. Designate one computer as the official data base so you don’t loose any changes made. Contact Mel if you have any questions  ([email protected]).
I will distribute the CD to each team at the May 5 meeting.  The link sent earlier is only active for 30 days, after that you will need the CD to load Team Manager on your computer.

Debbie Floyd | SHRSL VP Communications
281 808-5963
[email protected]