SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

6/2 Meeting – 3:00pm


The League Meeting tomorrow 6-2-13 is at 3pm at the Meadows Community Center.  Every team must have at least one representative attend the League Meeting.

See link at bottom of HOME PAGE for Clinic Attendees through 6/1/2013.  There are only 2 clinics left – today at Teal Run (after the League Meeting) or next Saturday 6-8-13 at New Territory.

The refresher or “short” clinic will begin at 4:30 on Sunday 6-2 at Teal Run and at 7:30am on Saturday 6-8 at New Territory. The short clinic only lasts about 20 minutes so BE ON TIME!!!  If you arrive 10-15 minutes late you will need to stay for the “long clinic”.

See you tomorrow 3pm at The Meadows.

Debbie Floyd
SHRSL VP Communications
281 808-5963
[email protected]