SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

Hello 2016!

BRING IT 2016!

2016The CLINICS page has been updated with Clinic Dates & Past Attendees. Remember, we changed the rules last year. For those that are going to email for clarification, here it is: if you attended ANY clinic last year (2015), you can attend ANY clinic this year (2016). Yes. ANY – short or long. Please see schedule for dates/times/maps.

As I type, Swimtopia is linking the remaining 5 teams to the League’s Swimtopia account: GG, NT, SW, PG, LO (teams that have been using Swimtopia for years). If you are not one of the 5 teams listed, I can already see your ACKNOWLEDGEMENT forms and REGISTRATION. AWESOME! After my meeting with Swimtopia early next week, I’ll be able to schedule a “training of sorts.” To answer some questions, some teams will using TM or MM for their meet data entry and some will give Swimtopia a shot. TRAINING: I want to demo what the software is capable of doing from reports, to entries, to results…’s pretty cool!

An email just went out requesting the following info:

Hope all is well! We need to share a few updates !  I NEED THIS INFO for many reasons, by Friday at 7pm.

Clinic Dates are Updated & Finalized >
Websites > I need EVERY TEAM to respond with your CURRENT website address. I need to update the League website.  I REALLY NEED THIS INFO. Please make sure each team website has the following:
  • Current Map to your Pool. If you work out of 2 pools, please CLEARLY designate the MEET/COMPETITION pool
  • Main Team Point of Contact (I’m getting a TON of emails about YOUR teams) b/c it’s not clear on your site.
  • Current Schedule OR link to the League site (yes, I’ll update the meet schedule today for D3)
  • Please take down OLD websites or archive them. There is TON of confusion out there. There are a TON of “eteamz, ezteamz, wix” sites out there with OLD/BAD info – please clean up what you can.
League Info > I need the following info:
  • Exec Boards (Names, Contact – Phone Email),
  • Volunteer Coordinator (Name, Contact – Phone/Email)
  • Head Coach(s) (Name, Contact, Email)
  • All Coaches – Paid or Unpaid (Name, Contact, Email)
League Invoices/Dues will go out soon as well updated insurance info! Need those points of contact.
As of now, NO CHANGES in the background info requirements. We are working on a few ways to make it easier to check this info. I HAVE TO HAVE THE COACH/BOARD info by Friday….please understand.
Let us know if you have any questions! Email > [email protected]