SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League


2019 MOC & ALL STAR NOTE (CHANGE for 2019)

Starting in 2019, all MOC Top 16 Finishers will be required to declare their intent for All Stars.

Each MOC will have a  person at the AWARDS area, that will handle these declaration (OPT IN/OPT OUT) documents. Why are we doing this? There have just been too many scratches through the years. Other swim organizations require “positive check in” – so this is not uncommon. By MOC, families should know their swimmers’ availability for All Stars. ONE CALL UP LIST will be posted. What happens if someone doesn’t OPT OUT, that lane will be left open and other swimmers will be denied to chance to swim at All Stars. Please understand that we are doing what’s BEST of the swimmers while planning a meet with many swimmers and that it’s up to the teams to manage themselves. Questions? Email [email protected] and someone will do their best to answer!

DIVISION 4: MOC PM Session starts at 5:00p. Look for more information from your Division VP.

ENTRIES: MOC Entry File is updated on the MOC/Database Page. Entries are due by 7:00p on July 2. There will be NO SCRATCHES at MOC as lane/timer sheets will be run pre-meet. Please do NOT “enter all”. Entries for MOC are made exactly like a normal meet – the League just created the file.

MOC Eligibility: Swimmers should have LEGALLY completed MOC entry events over the course of the 5 meets and must have participated in at least TWO MEETS. Illegal swims/swimmers result in a 100 point deduction from team totals.

PROTESTS: Per the bylaws, any protests that happen at Meet 5 or before MOC, need to be sent to [email protected] for dissemination to the League BOD. Text Tammy Schoen (713-301-1417) & Melanie Remy (281-543-7803), so we can start the process. Protest must be made IN WRITING, and submitted per the Policies and Procedures (see dates) to [email protected]. Hopefully we don’t have any, because time is tight next week.

ALL STAR QUALIFIERS:  No change here. 1st Place auto-advances in all events and will be posted as soon as results come in. For Individual Events, the next 11 from across the League will be called up (this totals 16). For Relays, the next 3 relays from across the League will be called up (this totals 8). These qualifiers will be posted on the All Star page as results begin to come in. 2 Alternates for each event will be listed and contacted/used if the need arises.

POLICIES & PROCEDURES: Posted and updated. The LEAGUE REQUIREMENTS for rosters, including due dates and times, are correctly listed.

RECORDS: Records have been double checked, updated and posted on the HOME page of the website, as well as the ALL STAR page 🙂

Let’s do this SHRSL!