SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

Prelim Update (7-9-12)

All Prelim, TM6.0 Back up files and roster pdf’s are posted. Division 5’s will be updated and changed within the hour. All updates/files for meets can be found on the DIVISIONS page. At this time (10:30 on Monday) there have been NO CHANGES to pdfs in Divisions 2, 3, 4 & 6. Please check back for updates.

All Star note: We are in need of set up assistance at 7:30pm on Monday, July 16th. The ropes will have to be set for 25 yards – this is a move from 50m due to a Gulf Champs meet at the Nat over the weekend. The ropes are a bit hard to pull, so any 13-14 and up help would be AWESOME. We’ll need help again Tuesday night post-All Stars. We have to return the pool to a 50m layout. Bulkhead will need to be moved.

Security at All Stars: We could use a “largish” dad from each division to help the deck entrances and railing in the stands. Contracted officers will be there, but mainly to help in the event something happens. They are not used for  general “please move M’am – no one can see.” Most of our issues are during the afternoon sessions. Please remind your team of the following:

  • Only swimmers will be allowed on deck. And only those swimming in the meet.
  • NO FOOD or colored drinks on deck. Period. Food can be taken in the stands or in the lobby.
  • NO WET SWIMMERS in the stands. Have a plan to meet your child.
  • The front doors will be the ONLY doors used for entry Tuesday morning and afternoon.

More info coming soon, I’m sure! Stay dry today all!