SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

2021 – Season Update

2021 Updates:

It’s a DEFINITE, DEFINITE go for the 2021 SHRSL Summer Swim Season. What It’ll look like, who knows but the SHRSL Board is meeting this week to start hammering things out. NEED YOUR HELP!
Need the following: New boards & coaches (email: swims[email protected]). Need BATHER/VISITOR load limits for your home pool. Need to know if the “limit” is a city/county/HOA rule. A few teams are looking for a coachm holler if you know of someone! Who needs a coach?
Miss y’all. Watch for updates at It’ll take a bit to get the League Distribution list updated, but it’ll be fast there!


2020 Season Updates:

Due to COVID restrictions in the State of Texas, we are adapting as necessary to allow our fabulous SHRSL swimmers to have a season. We’ll will continue to update this page as necessary.


YOUTH SPORTS Directives and Suggestions:



    • May 22 (Noon) – Teams declare their intent to participate and verify online rosters for insurance purposes
    • May 28 – Divisions announced and with All-Star Call Up formula
    • June 1 – First allowed practice day and insurance coverage valid. Payment due date TBD.
    • June TBD – Ribbons available for team pickup. Location TBD.
    • June 14 – Team affiliation is set per Swimtopia registration for all swimmers
    • June 15/22/29 – Home meets for all (see meet date window options).
    • July 6 – MOC at home pools for all (MOC results due Tuesday the 7th at noon, no exceptions)
    • July 10 – All-Stars at Don Cook, with strict procedures TBA