SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League


Good evening all! Due to updates to Governor Abbott’s Executive Orders today, the SHRSL League Executive Board has decided to cancel the July 10, 2020 All Star Meet. We do not feel comfortable in our ability to monitor spectators outside of the gates. We had an amazing plan and were very confident in our ability to protect inside the gates, it’s just too much of a risk OUTSIDE of the gates! We’d like to thank Chip & Calvin for doing some behind the scenes work on porters/cleaning companies, port-a-potties, food trucks, facility rental and for WELCOMING our All Star Meet into Greatwood!

You might be wondering about Meet of Champions. Each team has done a MARVELOUS job of giving these swimmers some normalcy in their lives, however weird and not normal it was to all of us. THANK YOU!
We will be taking the Top 16 from across the League, and awarding ALL STAR awards. Everything is a go… your meets as you see fit, HOWEVER, you must follow the State of Texas’ Governor’s orders, along with any odd local orders. Everyone over the age of 10 MUST WEAR MASKS. That’s OUR rule, regardless of whether or not you are social-distancing perfectly, everyone inside and outside of your gates must wear a must (except for the exemptions). You can find anything you need to know at:
RESULTS: Please do your thing with TM – ZERO CHANGE to the way you’ve been reporting this season. Just send us the results. This will be an easy merge and we’ll get them out fast, as we won’t be scrambling to organize All Stars.
  • If you are set up in MM already, please EXPORT RESULTS FOR TEAM MANAGER or send me a results file. Jerome – you’ve got this 😉
  • If you are set up in TM, keep going. Don’t change. We’ve had zero issues.
  • Both work just fine for me.
AWARDS: Christine has all awards pre-bagged already, and we’ll set up a drop for each team! Look for more information on WHERE.
ALL – We are so proud of how the 9 teams have conducted themselves, organized meets, kept it safe for all and made this happen. To the rest of the teams, we’ve missed you and we wish you the best in health.
We are working on the ability for you to order All Star t-shirts. That meeting is in the morning.
On behalf of the EB, THANK YOU for your efforts. The kids thank you. The families that participated welcomed the social outlets we are sure.
Questions, comments. Please holler. You know where to find us.
Be safe. Be healthy. Be AWESOME!
The SHRSL Executive Board