SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

2020 MAY UPDATE #1

UPDATE – MAY 11, 2020

IN ALL REALITY…we are still on hold but the BOD is discussing ideas/restrictions on a daily basis. Thanks to the teams that have shared and we are looking forward to hearing more!

Please keep in mind that the BOD knows as much as you do, so here we go:

SEASON: We are still planning on having a season and are moving forward accordingly. No teams will swim prior to MAY 19, 2020 . Insurance has NOT been provided for teams yet.

We’ll share info as we have it. We are clearly at the mercy of local governments (county/city) and HOAs.


  • We understand the concerns surround social-distancing and assure you that we are talking about all kinds of different ideas to keep the season “recreationally competitive” per our Mission.
  • Meets: NO DECISIONS have been made. Per the last email, we’ll get back with you after PHASE 2 announcements.
    • Lots of ideas are on the table. If you have one, please email accordingly.
    • Yes, we understand families are questioning the social distancing suggestions/restrictions. We are too.
  • First Meet – June 1. No change.
    • We are willing to push meets back one week to June 8.
    • Final call on the season will be made by May 29 by noon, to accommodate a June 8 start (that would involve a canceled June 1 meet).
    • The End of Season is a fixed date as posted.
  • Individual teams will make the decision to participate this year.
  • Dates and occupancy rates are all over everything – at least in this situation, all teams are at the same disadvantage practice wise.
  • May 18: Phase 2 of Gov. Abbott’s “OpenTexas” will be shared. The BOD will meet following the new allowances.
  • If for some reason, we can’t make a move to put kids in the water the week of the 18th, FINAL decision on the season will be made sometime on May 28, and communicated on May 29 (Friday….) by noon and we’ll communicate accordingly via email, website and Facebook.
  • WE HAVE NOT ANY CHANGES or UPDATES TO ANYTHING ABOVE….that being said, if YOU/YOUR TEAM have changes/updates/decisions/HOA comments or restrictions, please share via email so it can be shared with Steve/Tammy/Mel/Christine/Jim/Dan/Jeff at the same time.



  • Change in team payments for 2020:  We’ll work off of 2020 swimmer counts for required team payments and we’ll need those payments pretty fast……
  • At this time, Swimtopia says they will process a 100% registration refund to families, should a refund be necessary.So far, it’s happening this way for a few teams!



  • Divisions are “sort of set” but will need more information from the teams – mostly size. Yes…there might be modified divisions according to team size/registration numbers for 2020.
  • Will this current coronavirus situation affect divisions for 2021? NO. PERIOD
  • Post Season. Just don’t know yet….need to better understand occupancy allowances and social distancing mandates.


Please continue to be flexible and know we are trying to NOT cancel, but trying to be smart/conscientious at the same time.

Know that the League Board will make what we think is the best decision possible for the League and some might not agree.

Please share any creative ideas/suggestions/concerns with [email protected] and we’ll get back with you!

LET’S DO THIS and get these kiddos back to some sense of normalcy!