SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

2021 League Mtg #1 – NOTES

HELLO ALL! Hope this post finds you healthy, happy & safe! Below is a breakdown of what was discussed at the meeting. We’ll get the “next meeting” date out soon.

Please watch for more communication as teams are modifying POOL USE rules due to changes in mask mandates.

2021 Specifics (as we know now):

  • FIRST Day of PRACTICE | Per bylaws, no earlier than: April 26, 2021
  • DROP DEADLINE for Club/USA Swimmers: April 30, 2021
  • FIRST MEET: June 7, 2021
  • MEET of CHAMPS: July 5, 2021(Results due by Wed, July 7 at 12pm)
    • Swim the meet Friday or Saturday or Monday.
    • Swim the meet Tuesday but pay attention to weather
    • Email with any concerns.
  • ALL STARS: July 9, 2021
  • Full House at League Meeting (3/8/21) for the most part
    • TW – no one attended meeting/have not heard from TW.
    • AV: No team this year, as of 3/6/21. Interested in helping? Email [email protected]
  • As of now, VIRTUAL within your own team.
    • Each team makes meets work within the confines of their home pool
    • Follow meet rules for entries at meets – more on this soon
    • Swim a meet format on Monday afternoon, great.
    • Swim meet events during normal practice time on Monday, great.
    • Swim meet Saturday – Tues.
    • Results due by Wednesday at noon.
    • More info on Team Manager, Meet Manager, Swimtopia
  • Communicate as things change (HOA rules, City/Count rules).
  • Once team sizes/strength are determined, possible head to head competition, virtually
  • Meet of Champs: Virtual, at this time
  • All Stars
    • Limited spectators at this time
    • Normal format (as of now)
    • Swimmers will be seated outside, regardless of facility
  • Need exact ribbon counts by Saturday, March 13 at 7p. Email to [email protected]
  • CHRISTINE: SP – ZERO ribbons.
  • Please pass this to your Awards folks ASAP
Background Checks
  • $15 per swimmer fee for 2021
    • Insurance
    • Awards
    • All Stars Facility Rentals
  • Invoice #1
    • Will be invoiced at 50% of 2019 numbers
    • Due Mid May
  • Invoice #2
    • Adjustment Invoice after Meet 1
    • Due within 7 days of receipt. We’ll need to pay insurance bill!
  • Insurance is now mid-June to mid-June. Your insurance is good now to share with HOA’s.
  • 2020 Insurance > Attached
  • SHRSL Indemnity Forms – no change:
  • Covid Form for registration and ANYONE on deck – attached.
Stroke Judge Clinics: Looking for hosts
  • If you were current in 2019, attend a 30 min clinic (short clinic)
  • If you were NOT current in 2019, must attend a long clinic
  • Maplewood would like to host 5/8/2021
  • 2019 CLINIC attendance, attached.
  • 2 Teams are looking for head coaches. Have someone in mind?
  • A few teams are looking for assistant coaches. Have someone in mind?
  • Ashton Village Update: Due to lack of parental participation, AV will NOT have a team this year. If this is arrive to you as an AV Board member, please reach out if you have ideas on how we can help!
  • This contact list is a MOVING TARGET and Mel is managing the best she can. Follow up with REMOVALS and ADDS please.