SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

2021 League Update #2

HELLO ALL! It’s that time. I know it’s been quiet – thanks for those that are reaching out! Just lots of balls in the air!

SO…… Below is a breakdown of updates by category. Next meeting date will be shared soon. If something is missed, please reach out to SwimSHRSL.

2021 Specifics:

  • FIRST Day of PRACTICE | Per bylaws, no earlier than: April 26, 2021
  • DROP DEADLINE for Club/USA Swimmers: April 30, 2021
  • FIRST MEET: June 7, 2021
  • MEET of CHAMPS: July 5, 2021(Results due by Wed, July 7 at 12pm)

o Swim the meet Friday or Saturday or Monday.

o Swim the meet Tuesday but pay attention to weather

o Email with any concerns.

  • ALL STARS: July 9, 2021



  • As of now, VIRTUAL within your own team.
  • Relays…swim your relays.

o Swim a meet format on Monday afternoon, great.

        • Swim meet events during normal practice time on Monday, great.
        • Swim meet Saturday – Tues. Make it work.
  • Possible head to head competition, virtually once team sizes/strength are determined
  • Meet of Champs: Virtual, at this time
  • All Stars

o Limited spectators at this time

o Normal format (as of now), 10Under in AM, 11Up in PM

o Swimmers will be seated outside, regardless of facility




  • Swimtopia must have:

o   Registration info for all swimmers

o   COVID release

o   INDEMNITY release

o   CORRECT ages for swimmers.

  • Swimtopia – Meets

o   Working on DATA info, to distribute soon

o   We’ll use a combo of Team Manager & Swimtopia

  • Report Dates:

o   Rosters must be IN SWIMTOPIA prior to starting practice

o   Swimmers must be IN SWIMTOPIA prior to touching the water

  • Mark any drops CLEARLY
  • Questions: Contact Christine

o   Meet Reports

    • Meet1: Results due June 9, 12:00 noon
    • Meet2: Results due June 16, 12:00 noon
    • Meet3: Results due June 23, 12:00 noon
    • Meet4: Results due June 30, 12:00 noon
    • MOC (July 5): Results due July 6, 10:00 am
      • Individuals, follow rules as posted at SHRSL.ORG
      • Relays, yes.
    • All Stars (as of now):
    • Top 16 (+ 2 alternates) finishers from across the League
    • Relays, TBA.



      • Contact Christine
      • If there’s an issue, Christine will contact you.
  • Please pass this to your Awards folks ASAP
  • MOC: Using normal awards again
  • All Star Awards: Will have meet specific awards.



  • No change. Every 3 years. Jeff to send list.
  • Background checks for those with “direct contact with the swimmers”.
  • Please don’t send to your entire team. Timers/Scribes/Awards – no.



  • $15 per swimmer fee for 2021

o Insurance

o Awards

o All Stars Facility Rentals

  • Invoice #1

o Have been sent. Didn’t get one? Email JEFF.

o Will be invoiced at 50% of 2019 numbers

o Due Mid May

  • Invoice #2

o Adjustment Invoice after Meet 1

o Due within 7 days of receipt. We’ll need to pay insurance bill!


  • Insurance is now mid-June to mid-June.
  • Insurance is good to share with HOA’s. If you need something or missed an insured, contact JEFF.
  • SHRSL Indemnity Forms – no change:
      • Should be in digital format, in Swimtopia
      • Questions – contact Christine.
  • Covid Form for registration and ANYONE on deck – attached.
      • Should be in digital format, in Swimtopia
      • Questions – contact Christine.



  • If you were current in 2019, attend a 30 min clinic (short clinic)
  • If you were NOT current in 2019, must attend a long clinic
  • 2019 CLINIC attendance, attached.
  • Current Clinics:
      • Greatwood (GG) | May 15, 7:30a short, 8:00a long
      • Maplewood (MW) | May 22, 7:30a short, 8:00a long
      • Sweetwater (SW) | May 22, 11:00a short, 11:30a long
      • New Territory (NT/NW) | June 5, 7:30a short, 8:00a long
      • NOTE: Still looking for hosts – contact Steve or Mel.
        • Shadow Creek (SK) would like to host.
        • Anyone else? Greatwood is on the board – date soon!