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2016 Top Times thru Meet 4

A little smoother this week. Please review and send questions to [email protected]. 2016 Top Times thru Meet 4 (updated 6/5/16) Fun to watch the times unfold each week! Have a great week!  

2016 Top Times thru M3

Due to course settings being incorrectly set on quite a few teams’ reports, the top tim report has been delayed. If you see any issues with this OR are suspecting that something is “off”, please pop an email to Thanks for understanding. 2016 Top Times thru M3  (updated 6/27 12:57p)

2016 Top Times thru Meet 1

FINALLY – thank you to Sue Council (NT) for sticking with it. Some weird conversion things were going on , and she figured out how to get around it! 2016 TOP TIMES thru MEET 1

2016 M1 Scores

2016 SHRSL | Meet 1 Scores **Please note GLENSHIRE WAHOOS’ team initial change to WH! Have a great week! Great job getting the scores in y’all! Schedule Update AND Score Updates as of 6/10/16


Just finalized and updated. Please check over and let us know if there are any issues. 2016 CLINIC ATTENDEES Updates: Antonio Morales and Diana Vaca belong with FC.