SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League

2012 Meet Results (& Schedule)

RESULTS | The 2012 Meet Schedule & Results (through Meet #2) is now posted minus a few scores that have not been turned in yet. Thanks to those of you that got your scores in Monday night. That sure helps. If you are holding hostage, any results…SCORES

AWARDS | How is your ribbon count? Questions???? Contact Cheryl

ROSTERS  | For the most part, all is good. Please remember, you are to be sending me a COMPLETE ROSTER. ALL OF YOUR SWIMMERS. Yes, your supposed to put MT in the subgroup by the swimmers that have participated in one or more meets. Do NOT make the other swimmers inactive. We can filter however we need to to get the right group of swimmers. I have responded to all roster submissions – the TOTAL number of swimmers and the total number of MT swimmers – at this time. If you have NOT received an email or want to check up on your stat/registration person, contact [email protected].

ILLEGAL SWIMMERS | Bylaws are very specific about what SHRSL swimmers can do participation wise AFTER March 30. Seven (7) days of clinic instruction (including any SPA/HSC/FCST/FLEET clinics, R&R, A&M/UT swim camps). It is a 100 point deduction for illegal swimmers. Please share the rules with your parents. This is highly debated just about every  year by the League Representation. Please contact your home team if you need further clarification on how “rule” changes occur within SHRSL.

Have a great day y’all!

Melanie ([email protected])