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2015 Clinic Information

The SHRSL requires SJ/Starters/meet Directors to attend a CLINIC every year. * 2015 CHANGE* – Stroke Judges / Starters / Meet Directors  must attend (and be on time) ONE CLINIC a year, either short (30 refresher) or long (2 hours). SHORT CLINICS: 30 minute “refresher” Clinic for those that attended a ANY clinic last year. LONG CLINICS:  2 hour clinic for …

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2014 Housekeeping

WRAP UP MEETING for 2014 Season – September 7 at 4:00pm at the Meadows. WHAT A SEASON! Great results from AWESOME people & teams. And to all the League Reps, Presidents, Boards and Volunteers, THANK YOU! This league would be LOST without you! Thanks to all those that “went with the flow” on RESULTS. With …

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2014 Top Times thru Meet 4

All times are converted to yards, shown in yards. Results through Meet 4 on July 30, 2014. 6 & Under Free 8 & Under (All) 9-10 (All) 11-12 (All) 13-14 (All) 15-18 (All) Bragging Rights

Meet 1- 4 Team Results

Top Time thru MEET #3 are Posted

Top Times are posted through Meet #3. All teams are submitted by each team on Wednesdays after each meet. These reports are to be used as a type of MOTIVATIONAL report. Questions/Comments/Want to See it reported DIFFERENTLY? Send comments to [email protected]

Info Required – Please Email ASAP

All Teams participating in the SHRSL League for 2014 should bring the following to the first meeting: Names of Board Members (cellphones & emails) Name of Designated League Rep (cellphones & emails) Name of Meet Director(s): (cellphones & emails) Names of Coaches (paid and unpaid): (cellphones & emails) Website URL (please test first) Any social …

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