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2015 * All Stars RESULTS * 2015

2015 All Star Results – NOW POSTED! Congrats to all of our High Point Winners! Major Congrats to our OVER ALL HP winners: 2015 All Star Results – NOW POSTED! Congrats to all of our High Point Winners! Major Congrats to our OVER ALL HP winners: 10 & Under Meet: Dalia Kohn (PG 9-10) & …

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2015 All Star CALL UPS & AUTO ADVANCERS now posted!

2015 All Stars – AUTO ADVANCERS & Call Ups are now posted (3:00p – Friday) AUTO ADVANCERS: These are the FIRST PLACE finishers across the league. CALL UPS: The “next” 12 from across the league. We are currently waiting for contact from ALL TEAMS regarding scratches. We can only move as fast as they can! …

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2015 Top Times thru Meet 4

2015 Top Times thru Meet 4….. HERE THEY ARE! > TIMES #4

2015 Top Times thru M3

2015 Top times thru MEET #3 > top times 2015 See you on deck – SWIM FAST!

MEET SCORES thru Meet #3


2015 Bylaws

The 2015 Updated Bylaws are now cleaned up and posted. Thanks for your patience. 2015 BYLAWS – Click here! Please share this link with your teams, on your websites, with your stroke judges, meet directors, etc. See you on deck!


Greetings everyone!  I have received many roster updates this weekend.  Many of you are starting practice today (some of you started a couple of weeks ago).  I have replied to each email that I received concerning your roster and the number of athletes I imported.  Just a few points to remember: When sending your rosters …

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2015 Clinic Information

The SHRSL requires SJ/Starters/meet Directors to attend a CLINIC every year. * 2015 CHANGE* – Stroke Judges / Starters / Meet Directors  must attend (and be on time) ONE CLINIC a year, either short (30 refresher) or long (2 hours). SHORT CLINICS: 30 minute “refresher” Clinic for those that attended a ANY clinic last year. LONG CLINICS:  2 hour clinic for …

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2015 SHRSL Meeting Dates

2015 SHRSL MTG: All Teams MUST sent a REP to all meetings! KICK OFF MEETING February 22 * 4pm @ Meadows Community Center 11975 Dorrance, Meadows 77477 Meeting Dates: February 22 4pm | Kickoff Meeting: VOTE on New Bylaws, bylaw changes March 22 4pm | Division Assignments & Breakout, Elect VPs April 26 4pm | …

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Happy New Year! Bring on 2015!

Happy New Year Folks! 2015 is officially here upon us, and things are getting started! The SHRSL Board is kicking of 2015 with a board meeting on January 25 to review the schedule for the summer season and to review suggestions from the League Reps in September. There were some good suggestions. Lots of questions …

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