SHRSL - Southwest Houston Recreational Swim League


Greetings everyone!  I have received many roster updates this weekend.  Many of you are starting practice today (some of you started a couple of weeks ago).  I have replied to each email that I received concerning your roster and the number of athletes I imported.  Just a few points to remember:

  1. When sending your rosters it must be an export zip file from Team Manager.  I cannot do anything with a PDF or Excel or Word document.  If you do not know how to create the Export Roster Zip file in Team Manager PLEASE call me and we will work through it together.
  2. You are sending your ENTIRE TEAM ROSTER, not just the meet team, it is every swimmer that “touches a toe in the water”!  You no longer need to designate between your Meet Team and your practice team.  The “Splash Report” will give me that information.
  3. It is understood that if an athlete is in your Team Manager database your team has possession of the Swimmer Release Form.   By the way, you can send those forms at any time, you don’t have to wait until the  July League Meeting. Send the registration forms to Karl (or Melanie and she will forward them to Karl).
  4. I have replied to the teams that have something checked in the LSC.  Everyone please double check this setting for me.  In Team Manager go to Set UP > Preferences > System Preferences.  In the upper left corner of the page change LSC to ”blank”  nothing should be checked in this field.
  5. Send all Rosters and Splash Reports to [email protected] I need to keep all these emails separate from my personal correspondence!


Schedule for Roster Reports:

1st Roster due Before the first team activity (team party, 1st practice, etc.).

2nd Roster due Saturday June 6 by 12:00pm (this is the day before the League Meeting and just before the first meet)

3rd Roster due Friday July 3 by 12:00 pm (this is before the 5th meet)

Final and Official Roster due Tuesday July 7 by 12 noon. (It is from this final roster & the accompanying Splash Report that we will compile the database for your Divisional Meets)

All Splash Reports are due by 5:00pm Tuesday following the Monday evening meet.  I will get the Best Times Report to Melanie for posting by Wednesday at 5pm.

This is the list of teams I have received a Team Manager Roster file from with the number of athletes.  If your team is not listed below I have not received the Athlete Roster in a form (zip file) that I can import into Team Manager.  Please contact me.

AV   130 athletes

FC    80 athletes

FG    114 athletes

GG   209 athletes

GL     70 athletes

GW   74 athletes

LO     106 athletes

NT     198 athletes

NW    210 athletes

QV     147 athletes

SP      153 athletes

ST     86 athletes

SW     172 athletes

TR     80 athletes

TW     123 athletes